I have a strong passion for code, programming, and audio; with a focus on the .NET stack, my experience ranges from the software, data, and infrastructure layers. I enjoy exploring opportunities where code, audio, and art come together. Previously, holding a position as Sound Designer for Daniel Brian Advertising titled:

Castle on the Coast,

I got to explore how code and audio come together.

With a BFA in Digital Media, I also hold a lot of love for art.

Things I want to accomplish:

  • Finish a small project in Unity
  • Travel to the Grand Canyon
  • Cook more desserts

Things I do for fun:

  • Write software - Imagine that?
  • Draw - Pen & Ink is generally my go-to
  • Taking walks
  • Play video games


  • Wwise 101
  • Microsoft: AZ-900; pending

This site was built with Terraform and is hosted in the cloud (:

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